When I bought my 57 it had a 1967 350 HP small journal 327 and big valve fuelie heads. I’d researched the original GM cam and high compression pistons and worked out what it was. It was lively enough but despite the car mostly having to plod around London I’d recently taken a shine to the 383 kits. I sold the 327 which went a long way to building a 383, I regret this now as it was a valuable motor.

At the time despite my best efforts I couldn’t find a sensibly priced 4 bolt 350 anywhere in the UK, I wasn’t going racing so settled for a £120 2 bolt mains out of a 69 Camaro which I found in Sheffield. Thanks to the Chevy Tahoe we just chucked it in the back and brought it home to London. Surprisingly it was on stock bore which was a bonus so after a +30 rebore I started the rebuild. Parts arrived, 383 kit, mild XE268 cam, Edelbrock RPM heads and manifold.

ARP mains studs in. First problem I had (which wasn’t a surprise) is that the ARP con rod bolts fouled the block. It took about four crank mockups to get the clearance right which took best part of a day. I found when grinding the clearance that attaching magnets right next to the grinding stopped the swarf straying too far. You can see the ground dimples at the base of the bores, the sump mounting face also needed work.

Shortblock done, I’d had problems with timing markers before so I used a dial guage to get things exactly right this time.

The finish on the Edelebrock RPM heads are superb.

Stainless headers from www.stainlessworks.net/ fitted spot on. Time to see how this lot fits the frame. I’d fitted a couple of I’beams when I built the garage which now came in very handy. I was a bit wary of the chain pulley as it’s definitely over 50 year old vintage kit.