The main body was now straight and in primer and ready for having the firewall, dash and boot area painted before going back on the frame.

I’d gone through a phase of thinking I’d like the car in Turquoise. After much deliberation I plumped for red again but fancied a richer red than the “orangey” GM Matador red. After months at looking at red cars I’d narrowed it down to about 3, a Fiat, a Rover and a Morris red. After checking the three paint chips at the paint shop I ended up chosing a Honda flame red! I only made that decision after painting a spare 57 wing that I have in 4 shades of red.

It took me a whole day to get the body and door gaps right with it back on the frame. Even with all the welding sorted the 2 door hardtops bend all over the place when adjusting the body mount shims. I never did get the door gaps as good as when it was off the frame.