Me and my old 57 Chevy on the road from Tuscon to Los Angeles circa 1989, I still own this car today.

I started taking pictures of old motors in the early 80's, fine automobiles still in regular daily use, some abandoned by the roadside, many dozing in the back lots and wrecking yards of America's Southwest. I'd return home from these road trips and spend hours in the darkroom printing on Agfa Record Rapid, fabulous paper soaked in toxic levels of good old silver.

My old Nikon, Durst enlarger and the old school skills have remained in the loft for years. I've finally blown the dust off some of the old negs so here they are along with some of my more recent digital work.

I'd be happy to take on commissions for design, photography and digital retouching, just drop me a note using the "contact us" form and I'll get back to you ASAP.